Lets Track GPS Device

Find the worlds best GPS and mobile tracking system at your door step. This is not an ordinary GPS device but lets you do much more based on your need. With Lets Track you can access important data and analysis at your finger tips both on the web and on your mobile phone. More importantly Lets Track offers you safety features like Remote Engine Cut off, Anti Theft Alerts, Towing Alerts, Parking Alerts and much more.  We offer tracking solutions to Automobiles, Fleets, Workforce, People and even Pets.

  • Real Time Tracking: Tracks and locates your car, motorcycle, person, child and even your pet.
  • History: Displays 24 hour history in List and Map View. You can also access history up to 60 days and generate monthly reports.
  • Parking Alerts: Pin Points your exact parking location. Find your vehicle with just a tap!
  • Zone Alerts: Create Zones and get alerted when ever your car leaves or enters a zone.
  • Speed Alerts: Control over speeding! Get alerted every time your vehicle crosses the set speed limit.
  • Water Proof: A weather proof device with an inbuilt battery back up.
  • SOS Alarm: Reach out for help with the SOS Alarm
  • Notifies the real time status of your Car AC.
  • Alerts Every time the ignition and the engine is switched on or off.
  • Alerts in case the device has been unplugged
  • Alerts you in case you vehicle is towed even when the ignition is off
  • A complete value report that helps you analyse distance traveled, Max Speed, Average Speed, Fuel Consumed and more.
  • Lets Track has a unique feature that controls rash driving by reporting sudden acceleration, braking or lane switching.

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