Unsafe to fix punctures?

Never fix punctures on the shoulders and side walls of the tyre, A tubeless tyre as seen i  the image has a steel belt which allows repairs in case of any punctures. Unlike the steel belted area the region on the shoulder and side walls of a tyre is meant to be flexible to absorb the torque.

What may happen in case you fix punctures on the shoulder and side walls of a tyre?

The Patch or Plug wont hold and there will be leakage from these punctures

The integrity of your tyre is compromised. Your tyre is vulnerable and prone to a blow out even at slow speeds. It is best to replace the tyre in such a case. Do not make the mistake of ignoring safety here. Your life is much more precious then the cost of a tyre. This is a major cause of accidents due to tyre bursts.

How can you avoid these punctures?
A tyre inflated at the recommended air pressure and within the maximum load, the shoulders or sidewalls will never touch or come in contact with the road surface. So the trick is regular air pressure checks and proper loading.

Never drive or ride on a deflated tyre.

Regular Tyre checks to remove any stuck objects!

Most of these punctures are secondary punctures caused as a result of driving under inflated due to an existing puncture. Use Tyre Protector the worlds best Tyre Sealant to stop your tyre from going flat even with a puncture. The puncture heals automatically when the nail is pulled out. Check www.tyreprotectormumbai.com 

Drive Safe!

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