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Tyre Protector tyre sealant review

Many have wondered whether tyre sealants are safe to be used in your beloved car or motorcycle? Do Tyre sealants really seal punctures as promised?

It is important that you research well about the product you choose. Most of these sealants have cheap quality ingredients which may even damage your tyre or rim. High speed imbalance is a major concern in most cases. No tyre sealant is ARAI tested with the exception of Tyre Protector. Tyre Protector is ages ahead in terms of technology and performance thus making it the best puncture sealant in the world.

Thousands of customers have benefited from Tyre Protector, the best tyre sealant in the world. Tyre Protector has been tested to seal punctures without any air-loss. The videos below are a short compilation of what Tyre Protector users have experienced after they have used Tyre Protector. The unique auto balancing feature ensures you can drive safely without any vibrations or wobble at high speed. The sealant has been successfully tested on vehicles ranging from commuter motorcycles, cars, super bikes, super cars and even SUVs.

Sharing some customer reviews for the puncture sealant

"The Most advanced sealant in the world"
~ India Auto Blogs

"Punctures have sealed automatically ever since I have
installed Tyre Protector.  No issues on high speeds...
fantastic stability!
~Rakesh Matta, Toyota Fortuner, Suzuki Hayabusa

"Feels Safe and gives confidence during long Rides!"
 ~ Preetam Thakur, Harley Davidson

"Tyre Protector has brilliantly sealed all punctures and
also kept my #KTM Tyres in good condition!"
~ Ved Mahajan, KTM Duke

"The best product for Indian Roads. Have used it on my
#Innova and #KTM. Very stable even on high speeds!"
~ Vikram Shinde, Toyota Innova , KTM RC 200

 "Tyre Protector is a must have for every independent
woman who drives!"
~ Mrs Apeksha Save, Fiat Palio