Why Tyre Protector

Tyre Protector puncture sealant is suitable for a wide range of vehicles!

Tyre Sealants have been in existence since ages, however they have had several side effects like high speed instability, rim corrosion, hardening when not in use and plenty of other challenges. Tyre Protector is far superior overcoming all these challenges by effectively sealing punctures without any ill effects on your tyres or vehicle. The base compound is a Thixotropic Propylene Glycol based gel which is a very consistent and does not freeze, separate or dry out under adverse conditions. Tyre Protector was invented by Paul Butterworth (CEO Tyre Protector International) after years of research and development with some leading chemists and commercial tyre users around the world. Tyre Protector can withstand heat, cold and the centrifugal forces imposed upon it to deliver a puncture free experience for  motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles.

The Tyre Protector Advantage
Auto Heal technology for your tyres. Even coat of the puncture sealant ensures high speed stability

Now you can drive or ride even with a nail inside the tyre. The gel blocks the air passage around the puncturing object and auto heals the wound when the nail is plucked out. Thus ensuring no downtime and saving you the trouble of repairing punctures the old way.

It is the only ARAI tested tyre sealant in India manufactured by an ISO 9001 awarded manufacturing process in the UK.

Tyre Protector is NOT sold in retail considering the technicalities involved. It is installed only through trained authorized dealers who offer you a written warranty for every installation. View our Tyre Protector Dealer Network

The Thixotropic Propylene Glycol base makes Tyre Protector non-toxic, bio-degradable, non-corrosive & water soluble. Safe to be used for your tyres.

The thixotropic effect of Tyre Protector ensures it forms an even 2mm coating on the inside of your tyre. This guarantees high speed stability for your cars and motorcycles, unlike other liquid sealants that move inside the tyres causing the vehicle to wobble at high speeds.

Tyre Protector has a shelf life of 10 years and hence once installed, it will permanently puncture proof your tubeless tyre.

The Propylene base works as an insulator, thus keeping the air temperature inside your tyres cool. Tyre Protector is compatible with both regular air and Nitrogen.

The local Puncture guy damages your steel belt by enlarging the puncture to fit the puncture repair plug in. Tyre Protector internally heals punctures and works on your tyre rubber memory. Tyre Protector is proven to increase your tyre life by about 10%

The installation time taken for a car or motorcycle is around 60 minutes. No top-up or service required. Just a few regular checks will ensure you have “No More Punctures!”

A strong dealer network offering you a life time warranty and support. In a rare case of failure we are there to support you.